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The dry aging process removes water from the meat, which concentrates its natural flavor. Cm tenderloin device free to substitute or remove any of the ingredients below, or alter the quantities to your taste.

All of the recommended ingredients are high in glutamic acid, amplifying the umami flavor in the meat. Yield: enough for 4 steaks Ingredients:. For cm tenderloin device stronger flavor, marinate the steaks in the refrigerator up to hours before cooking. This sauce can be made ahead of time cm tenderloin device stored, refrigerated, for one month. The side to be cut should be laid on the cutting table with the inside up Figs 93, 94 and Hind foot.

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The hind foot is removed by sawing through the hock joint at a right angle to the long axis of the leg Fig. The ham may be removed in several ways to make either long-cut or short-cut hams. One procedure short-cut cm tenderloin device to locate cm tenderloin device division between the second and third or the third and fourth sacral vertebrae and saw perpendicularly to the long axis of the ham Fig.

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After the bone has been severed with the saw, the knife is used to complete the removal cm tenderloin device the ham. The ham is further trimmed by removal of the tail bone on one side and the flank on the other side.

Commonly a skinned ham is produced by removal of cm tenderloin device of the skin and fat from the rump end Fig. For the production of special cured dried hams the skin is left on Fig.

In order to obtain a long-cut ham the division is made between the last two fifth and sixth lumbar vertebrae. The long cut is composed of a rump or chump portion and a leg portion comprising centre section cm tenderloin device shank portion. Nowadays more processors are removing the bones thus fabricating a boneless rump chump and a boneless ham.

Guidelines for slaughtering, meat cutting and further processing

The ham is commonly merchandised in smaller portions topside, silverside, thick flank, shank. The cutting procedure of cm tenderloin device ham is as follows. Remove tail bone and aitch bone and cut the rump off. Peel back the rind and associated fat to expose the topside cm tenderloin device on the interior side of the leg.

Separate the topside by following the natural seam between it and the silverside outside portion of leg and thick flank front position of leg. The topside can then be sliced into steaks. This produces between five and six lean steaks depending on the thickness and weight required by the customer. The next step is to remove the leg bone femur. The thick flank knuckle is cut from the silverside by following the natural seam. Remove the kneecap patella and the internal fat deposits before further preparation of the thick flank, e. The forefoot is removed by sawing through the junction between the foreshank and the forefoot bone at cm tenderloin device right angle to the length of the foot.


This foot contains some muscle and is therefore more desirable than the hind foot for food. Considerable variation exists as to where the fore-end is removed. Generally one to three ribs are left on the pork fore-end. Locate the division between the third and fourth ribs from the head end and cm tenderloin device perpendicularly to the length of the backbone.

[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.0.2][3.4 Kernel] CyanogenMod 12.0 Nightlies (tenderloin)

The fore-end is trimmed of the hock which is cut off about halfway up the leg and about two-thirds of the skin and fat is removed from the butt or top end. Additionally the neckbone all cervical and three thoracic vertebrae and the jowl or cheek meat are removed Fig. The jowl is removed by a straight cut parallel to the cut that separates the fore-end from the side just behind the site where the ear was removed Fig. The fore-end may be cm tenderloin device into two cuts cm tenderloin device, also called blade Boston, and hand, also called arm picnic by sawing just below the exposed lower end of the blade-bone parallel to the top of the shoulder Fig.


The spare-rib can be sliced into steaks or used as a roast. It can easily be made into cm tenderloin device boneless cut by removing the corner of the blade-bone. Retrieved April 28, CM TENDERLOIN DEVICE DRIVER DOWNLOAD - In case you're using Tailor 0. Thank you for all your support and all the continued hard work by you and the. w/Google_Apps path="device/hp/tenderloin" />

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