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I suspect that there may be two different versions of the Logitech wheel, one producing much higher forces, or that the later Logitech drivers cause the wheel to produce more force.


Andrew S. So if you're driver revision is pre 3. Or try downloading and installing the latest Logitech drivers. I'm currently using 3. You no longer need to mess with the core.


Special note: A number of people have written that they got a Force Logitech formula force wingman wheel and enabled Force Feedback in core. The problem is that they've used the sample file, core. Your email address will not be published.

Logitech wingman formula force gp driver windows 8

I have always assumed that steering devices for PC's would not deliver the force nowhere near what thousand dollar arcade machine would offer. Learn more.

It's making me think that it might be time to logitech formula force wingman an upgrade - just a shame that 'old Red' was such a great wheel and is going to be a hard thing to replace. Hi elias, Welcome to the newly created Windowsforum.

Thank you!

You do realize this post is almost 3 years old. Thanks for the input and link. Icy roads in the game feel like icy roads in real life, you even get that sickening feeling logitech formula force wingman the front end of the car starts to let go, right before you start doing donuts at 85 mph down a mountain road.

Wet roads feel like wet roads, and make your wheel handle sluggishly. I've also taken the liberty logitech formula force wingman tweaking the formatting on this post so it's a bit more pleasant to look at. The feedback doesn't work! Hardware Sections. You may decide that you don't like steering with your gas pedal.

The performance for the price from Amazon is a no-brainer. Buy it and have fun. For the most realistic driving experience, move up to GTR2! Logitech formula force wingman, I'm in my mid 50s and copy of Need For Speed jumped off the shelf into my cart the last time I went shopping.

Logitech WingMan Formula Force - wheel and pedals set - wired Series Specs - CNET

I installed the game and played it for awhile, first using the keyboard can't be doneand then using a flight yoke I have. That logitech formula force wingman okay, but braking and accelerating was difficult, and I was all over the place as the yoke just didn't cut it. The wheel was very easy to install under Windows 98,regardless of which port you chose. Before I ever plugged it in though, I did get the latest drivers from Logitech's website as is usually a good idea for new hardware, and an especially good idea for USB hardware.

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Check the box in the ingame settings, called something like "lower FFB refresh rate" or something like that, i forget exactly what it's called. Last edited by Ragequit Inc. Joined: Oct 15, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Follow these steps to install Logitech formula force gp driver in compatibility mode and check if that helps. Find the Logitech formula force gp file location. Did you try setting it to 50 or less ingame or in the profiler? Last edited: Dec 30, Dec 30, 8. I tested it out on Flatout2, works great. I am thinking of buying one and just needed to know that it still works on logitech formula force wingman Logitech Wingman Formula Force Logitech formula force wingman - PCSTATS.

Logitech Wingman formula force GP FFB

Abstract: Now as we see games maturing with a good degree of realism, it is now time to take gaming to. Sorry, there is not any getting started material logitech formula force wingman for this product. We've put everything you need to get started with your Formula Force GP right here.

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