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Regardless, Trident's biggest customer has always trident xp4 OEM's, so if they can deliver a cheap, decent card, they'll easily hit their target market. Re:dead in the water? ATI's been getting quite a few of them back though with the s being cheaper than a GF4MX and performing much better in comparison. But Trident doesnt have a market anymore. They had a laptop one up til the mobile GF4s and Radeons, but they dont even have that anymore.

Not only that Score: 2. What really matters is what chipset would the OEM have used trident xp4 this cheapo chipset wasn't arround. If the OEM are the really cheap ones, they will probably use this to replace the old savage chipsets and the likes. So, people buying the cheapest motherboards on earth are benefiting. And that includes many of my friends or people I know. Yes, they can try to buy a separate Trident xp4 card, or go for a better motherboard with more decent card, but at least you have a basic right there in your cheapo initial buy. If you never make it to buy the radeonthen at least you have something that is in fact faster than ANY card of two years ago. So welcome back Trident! Then proceeds to laugh at it for poor comparisons.

Methinks Trident is going to laugh all the way to the bank when they trident xp4 up the cheap prebuilt box with embedded video market. Re:incorrect comparison? Didn't the article state that this trident xp4 a mobile computing graphics card. This just makes it an even more unfare comparison. No, the XP4 T2 is a desktop chip. Jun 26, 7, 0 25, 0. Does anybody have latest info about Trident XP4?

K1, not K3. These cards are at least twice the MSRP of this card. Extremetech then complains that the inexpensive card with beta drivers doesn't tread trident xp4 against the established champs. In a different review, anandtech set the resolution to something normal how many gamers out there actually run the game at x?

What's up with Trident's XP4? - The Tech Report

Albeit still behind the other two cards reviewed on some tests, they do mention that the drivers are beta and that finalized they will probably make the card perform much better. I've been noticing that extremetech's reviews seem really, well, extreme. Trident xp4 least from my perception they will give good reviews to what can keep pace with the top cards or exceed the top card - and at times seems to focus on the war between NVidia and ATI for the title of Supreme cardmaker. But how long ago was it that both of these companies were in Trident's situation? How long ago was it that these companies were struggling against 3dfx?

Trident's XP4 Benchmark Preview

Like many before me ahve said, wait and see. This card trident xp4 turn out to be the best card price for performance wise.

  • Trident XP4 Preview - A Cheap GeForce4?
  • Where are you---- Trident XP4
  • Trident XP4 Preview - A Cheap GeForce4?

It could come out and have the mobile version do everything else in. It could come out and be complete crap against whatever new cards the twin trident xp4 come out with.


Re:Just summing up what I've read so far This card is meant primarily for budget computers. I mean, what were they thinking? The notebook version may wipe the floor with the big two in the notebook arena with decent performance and great power consumption. Doesn't anyone else notice that the nvidia geforce chipset 3D demos are a bit misleading. Sure, those things look trident xp4, and even better, they're in real time! The problem is, you won't even be able to see anything trident xp4 that in a game anyways because there are more objects showing on the screen in a game. Zowie FK mouse.

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Community Activity Refresh. Up to MHz 64 bit memory bus.

Up to 4. Ozone Rage ST headset.

Trident XP4 Preview - A Cheap GeForce4?

Zowie FK mouse. Okay 3D chip, but that was because I used it for wearable computing prolly the fastest 3D technology used in a wearable trident xp4 to this date.


XP4 - T2. XP4 - T3.Some months back, Trident made much ado about its new DX9-class GPU that would take trident xp4 mobile computing world by storm. The XP4, a. The XP4 is Trident's first desktop DirectX GPU that is supposed to offer 80% of the performance of trident xp4 GeForce4 Ti at $ We know, talk.

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