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To generate large families of nearly mutually orthogonal codes used by the CDMA modems, the exemplary modem includes a code sequence generator. The code sequences are assigned to a respective logical channel of ax cdma modem spread-spectrum communication system, which includes In-phase I and Quadrature Q transmission over RF communication channels.


One set of ax cdma modem is used as pilot sequences that are transmitted without being modulated by a data signal. The code sequence generator circuit includes a long code sequence generator including a linear feedback shift register, a memory which provides a short, even code sequence, and a plurality of cyclic shift, feedforward sections, each of which provides a respective code sequence in the family of code sequences.

The ax cdma modem sequence generator further includes a group of code sequence combiners for combining each generated code sequence with the short, even code sequence to produce a group, or family, of long code sequences having relatively low mutual correlation. Figure 1 is a block diagram of a code division multiple access communication system according to the present invention.

ZTE MF HSDPA/3G Usb Modem tecH Specs

Figure 2a is a block diagram of a 36 stage linear shift register suitable for use with long spreadingcode of the code generator of the present invention. Figure 2b is a block diagram of circuitry which illustrates the feed-forward operation of the code generator. Figure 2c is a block diagram of an exemplary code generator of the ax cdma modem invention including the circuit for generating spreadingcode sequences from the, long spreadingcode and the short spreadingcodes. Figure 2d is an alternate embodiment of the code generator circuit including delays to compensate for electrical circuit delays. Figure 3a is a graph of the constellation points of ax cdma modem pilot spreadingcode QPSK signal. Figure 3b is a graph of the constellation points of the message channel QPSK signal. Figure 3c is a block diagram of exemplary circuitry which implements the method of tracking the received spreadingcode phase of the present invention.

An exemplary system which includes a modem according to the present invention provides local-loop telephone service using radio link between one or more base stations and multiple remote subscriber units.

In the exemplary embodiment, the radio link is described for a base station communicating with a ax cdma modem subscriber unit FSUbut the system is equally applicable to systems including multiple base stations with radio links to both FSUs and Mobile Subscriber Units MSUs. Consequently, the remote subscriber units are referred to herein as Subscriber Units SUs. One or more RCSs, connect to the Radio Distribution Unit RDU through the links,and the RDU in turn interfaces with the LE by transmitting and receiving call set-up, control, and information signals through telco links, Alternatively, another embodiment of the invention may include several SUs and a "master" SU which functions in much the same was as the RCS to allow communication among the SUs.

Code-division multiple access

Such embodiment may or may not have connection to a local telephone network. Although the described embodiment uses different spread-spectrum bandwidths centered around a carrier ax cdma modem the transmit and receive spread-spectrum channels, the present method is readily extended to systems using multiple spread-spectrum bandwidths for the transmit channels and multiple spread-spectrum bandwidths for the receive channels. Alternatively, because spread-spectrum communication systems have the inherent feature that one user's transmission appears as noise to another user's despreading receiver, an embodiment can employ the same spread-spectrum channel for both the transmit and receive path channels.


In other words, Uplink and Downlink transmissions can occupy the same frequency band. The RCS and the SUs each contain CDMA modems according to the present invention for transmission and reception of telecommunication signals including information signals and connection control signals. The data signal is also binary and the time multiplication is achieved with a simple XOR function. This is usually a Ax cdma modem cell mixer in the circuitry. Synchronous CDMA exploits mathematical properties of orthogonality between vectors representing the data strings. For example, binary string is represented by the vector 1, 0, 1, 1. If the dot product is zero, the two vectors are said to be orthogonal to each other. Each user in synchronous CDMA uses a code orthogonal to the others' codes to modulate their signal.

An example of 4 mutually orthogonal digital signals is shown in the figure below.


T his integration requires lo w pow erlow real estate. A standard configuration uses approximately 10GB to 12GB ax cdma modem space including iOS and preinstalled apps depending on the model and settings. Atheros AR 2x, abgn Ant. Atheros AR? Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact.


Managing Network Complexity Apple created another SKU of the ax cdma modem 7 because the RF radio frequency technology it was having to stuff into a single SKU to accommodate the growing number of wireless carriers around the world, and the level of complexity in their networks, was becoming unmanageable. Creating Better Applications Through Patent Strengthening Patent strengthening is the term we use to refer to the process of achieving the greatest potential for value from a patent during the prosecution — before a patent is even granted. This innovation boasts the following: Logic transistor Read More. These can Read More.Created with mobile merchants in mind, the AX Modem Series features the industry's first dual option for a mobile payment terminal - the CDMA/WiFi Modem.

AX previously known with many product mp3 player and CDMA modems (AX ZX CDMA EVDO). ZX is the usb modem that supports.

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