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Share your clie sj33 with other customers. Write a product review. They are not though, each is a single distinct button. When powered on, the light is a bright green.

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The power light poses a potential problem though. I find it to be distracting enough to notice, but clie sj33 enough to diminish my ability to use the SJ Again, not a deal breaker, but some people have found the light very difficult to get used to. Left Side. It was released with a heavy multimedia focus, one of its key features being the inclusion of MP3 player software and built-in stereo sound hardware a rarity on Palm OS devices in Attached to the main body with hinges, the new cover lets you enjoy casual use more than ever! It's Easy! I'll be trying out the various alternatives over the weekend. Then, I re-encrypted the memos on both PDAs.

Review — Sony Clie SJ33

That's too much trouble, for me. You will be pleased to know that 4 tiny squares of Scotch tape usually used on the Graffiti area to prevent scratching stacked over the LED are enough to diffuse the blinding light into a pleasant glow and still leave it bright enough to be seen in daytime. I keep a log of hard-disk failures throughout the year to be able to analyze trends. I used to just enter the data date, drive size and manufacturer, reason for failure and replacement drive into a Memopad memo. Having played with it for all of 5 minutes I decided it would be better to input the current data into a spreadsheet on my laptop and then sync the spreadsheet to the Palm-- Graffiti is not conducive to large data-entry clie sj33 in a spreadsheet.

Ideally, a database program should be used for something like this.

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I'm going to try to save it as a different Excel format perhaps '95 or plain and see if the conversion happens properly. Perhaps upgrading to StarOffice 6. Until you see the replacement font, you don't realize how craptastic the default Sony font is. It has been suggested that it helps to write "small" Graffiti symbols contrary to what was suggested when using the Visor because the Graffiti area was clie sj33 to accommodate the compact size of the SJ This suggestion does seem to help but I'm used to writing "big", so it will take some time to adapt to writing "small".


The problem with using the SJ33 in the dark is difficulty in finding the various buttons and Grafitti areas. I accidently stumbled upon a low-tech solution to this problem. When I placed the Scotch tape on the Graffiti area, I noticed that about a millimeter of the tape extended onto the bottom clie sj33 the LCD. I considered trimming the tape to clie sj33 the Graffiti area exactly but I found a use for the bit that sticks out-- using a fine-tipped marker, I placed 3 dots on the tape at the place where the "Home" button ends and the Alpha-Graffiti area begins; where the Alpha-Graffiti area ends and the Numeric-Graffiti area begins; and where the Numeric-Graffiti area ends and the Calculator button begins see photo at right and also VU meter photo, above.

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Make sure your food is cooked to perfection with these must-have tech tools and gadgets for your outdoor cooking kit. Sales people might also find this feature useful clie sj33 demo a new product or other offerings. The SJ33 comes with sync and power cables, no cradle this clie sj33.


In fact, they take up less space on my desktop clie sj33 a cradle. My only gripe though is I wish Sony would go the way of Handspring and build a sync button into the connector. The SJ33 comes with a nice metal stylus.

This is important because often clie sj33 manufactures send a flimsy plastic one to help cut costs and weight. And with enhanced backlighting, outdoors or indoors, no matter the lighting conditions, your view is always clear.

Just scroll and click on Sony's exclusive Jog Dial navigator for true one-handed clie sj33. I couldn't figure out how to beam over the hacks so it'll have to wait for the sync. My first raised eyebrow: I had trouble figuring out how to shut it off via the slider yes, I read the entire manual while it was charging and the explanation for shutting it off is unclear-- I kept toggling the backlight. I finally figured it out after several failed attempts. I have a question about the wrist-strap: Does the wrist-strap come with a sliding nubbin to tighten the the strap once it's around your wrist" released by Sony in It was released with a heavy.

10): Memory Sticks · Center-button LED · Clié Desktop · Hotsync · Playing MP3s. clie sj33

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