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Because it happens - Roll the bones Nicely done, Dave! Inspirational, as always. Thanks Guys, As they say, "necessity is the diy auratone of invention". Anyway, I worked around the problem using the quick hack pictured above. A slot for the terminal and paint blobs removed, both chiselled using a drill bit. And there they diy auratone.

Material costs for these speakers added up to about 40 eur. This includes speaker postage and the full can of paint, so the actual material costs are diy auratone lower.

Not too bad at all. It's also a very cost-effective way to get into surround monitoring. For more details, check out my full Sound On Diy auratone magazine review.

DIY Auratone Complete!

Thanks Dave, yes it would be very interesting to hear these two designs in comparison. The originals also have sharp corners. Oklep Member Posts: 1. Doesn't look very complicated but I have zero experience in wood construction Quote from: zayance on February 13,PM. Warpie, This is all you need:- handsaw, pin hammer, pin punch old screw will do pencil, setsquare, old knife for filler, diy auratone rasp or file.

I could not find the loudspeaker anywhere else. Offer the wood in two kinds of finished coat.


Cant wait to get a kit! Since a driver has to be matched to a cabinet, you diy auratone include the drivers for which the cabinet was designed as part of the kit.

DIY Audio Projects Forum • cheap (but good) amp/amp build for auratone style speaker

Otherwise you wil get someone using an incorrect driver and complaining about how bad they sound. As a kit, the box should diy auratone unassembled and, along with the driver and other components, require assembly to complete it.

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The enclosure pieces should be at finished quality, either sprayed or veneered. Maybe call then the T1 Cube? Diy auratone marking for different options would be really nice!

Adding different drivers as an option makes it an easy job, and diy auratone on shipping costs. For me as a European that makes a lot of difference. Flat pack indeed. Unfinished, painting is so satisfying.

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It would be nice to select which driver the AuroClones come with based on personal preference. Both, just in diy auratone other people want to use different drivers.


Flat DIYbut with premade holes for the speakers. Thanks for the ideas, Anthony. We will certainly extend our commitment to open-sourcing our design files to this project. True, flat vs. Everyone has different capabilities and tools at home. Once we have chosen a driver, we will certainly recess the baffle so that the speaker frame sits flush with the front panel. Here is example of router bit set needed to recess driver. Just set depth, adn choose bearing that gives proper flange width, run router around hole you have cut for speaker. Now speaker will sit flush with face of cabinet. Again just an example… probably cheaper elsewhere. You should cut the holes with a circle cutter. This allows for any size driver.Depending on how close the speakers you use are to auratones ymmv. fwiw Diy auratone have DIY auratones also.

a pair of yamaha surround speakers  DIY mixcubes build.


Monitor Cube Kit Design Pt. 1 March 12, 54 Comments. Since their introduction in the s, the Auratone 5C diy auratone Sound Cube" monitors have been a must-have studio tool for countless engineers. In we at DIYRE began working on DIY-friendly monitor cube kit inspired.

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