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Standby mode provides the quickest monitor recovery time. Note also that many monitors implement this mode identically to suspend mode.

Display Power Management Signaling - ArchWiki

A value of zero indicates that this mode is disabled. Not finding what you're dpms monitor for? A script that locks the screen and turns off the screen:. Here's why I consider it to be a workaround rather than a solution.


It doesn't work for other ways to trigger the locking of the dpms monitor. One possible solution is switch to xscreensaver.

DPMS - MythTV Official Wiki

This page was last modified dpms monitor 25 Mayat Actual behavior: Monitor display is blanked, but remains fully powered-on. Related issues: Maybe issue Suspend mode's physical and electrical characteristics are implementation defined, but in DPMS compliant dpms monitor, results in the pulsing of the horizontal sync signal, and shutting off of the vertical sync signal. Now Loading. While the above method may work in certain cases to fully wake up the screen, you may find that a button press while the screen is in DPMS suspend causes the display to come out of suspend, but not to unblank.

Asked 9 months ago.

Suspend mode recovery is considered to be slower than standby mode, but faster than off dpms monitor, however this is monitor dependent. Give it a try, and see how it goes. One-line answers are often not the most helpful since they offer little explanation.

A Primer on Screen Blanking Under Xorg

Consider expanding your answer to elaborate dpms monitor why your solution works or with documentation that supports your suggestion. Note: As of Xorg 1.

Views Read View source View dpms monitor. Another thing worth noting is that my laptop with Intel graphics doesn't seem to be bothered by this bug though I only use that laptop around once a week or less.


My Nvidia laptop has this issue. Although we use different distributions, our interests are the same, so I hope we can pinpoint the issue. I have a Fujitsu laptop Lifebook and I am using Ubuntu Since I upgraded to this version of Ubuntu I experienced dpms monitor screen blanking each few minutes, like a "blank" screensaver.

I solved this dpms monitor for myself, but I want to describe it here for others. I disabled dpms and screensaver but something re-enabled it and blanked the screen.

Today after many days of random screen blanking I noticed that it is somehow related with the Dpms monitor Internet connection. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.Jump to Dpms monitor DPMS and screensaver settings with a command - It is possible to turn off your monitor with the xset xset dpms force off, Turn off screen  ‎Setting up DPMS in X · ‎Disabling DPMS · ‎DPMS interaction in a. DPMS. DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) is a standard to reduce power consumption in monitors.

Typically, both the monitor and the video card.

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