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We have over 70 scanner models in our test lab and we are constantly updating our test scanners as manufacturers release new models. Appendix Remarks Observe the following points when setting up the scanner or changing settings. When a dial-up router is connected in a network environment With the ScanRouter V2 Administration Utility, ScanRouter V2 Link or DeskTopBinder V2, for network devices and client computers, the settings for the delivery server to is330dc twain connected must be made appropriately. If the network environment changes, make the necessary changes for the delivery server with ScanRouter V2 Administration Utility.


Important When the software is set up to connect to the delivery server via a dial-up router, the router will dial and go on-line whenever connection to the delivery server is initiated. Telephone charges may be incurred. If the computer is set up to connect to the Internet automatically, the confirmation dialog box will not appear, and telephone charges is330dc twain be incurred without the user being aware of it.


To prevent unnecessary dial-up, is330dc twain computer should be set up so that the confirmation dialog box is always displayed before establishing a connection. Make sure that is330dc twain unnecessary dial-up is performed when using the above listed software. In some network environments, timeout may occur and normal delivery may not be possible.

Troubleshooting This section describes problems you might encounter during use, their probable is330dc twain and methods to fix the problems. Also, this section contains information on the meaning of error messages on the operation panel. If you do not switch to the network delivery scanner mode, the settings for is330dc twain with the network delivery scanner will not work properly.

Download Scanner Ricoh (理光) ISDC Windows NT drivers and software.

Clean the platen glass, ADF contact glass, is330dc twain plate or document roller as needed. See "Cleaning" in the Scanner Reference. The original was moved during scanning.

Do not move the original during scanning. The original was not placed flush on the platen glass. Make sure that there is no clearance between the original and the platen glass. The original was positioned in is330dc twain. The original was positioned upside down.

Make sure that the original facing orientation is correct. When placed directly on the platen glass, the side to be scanned must face down. Is330dc twain fed via the ADF, the side to be scanned must face up. Cause, Remedy, Reference If the scanner's memory standard: 8 MB becomes full during a scan, scanning stops until there is enough memory to continue. Wait for scanning to restart. If the optional memory module is installed, it reduces the frequency of stops during scanning, is330dc twain scanning operations become smoother. If scanning at a high resolution, the size of data increases and scanning stops more frequently.

Scan originals at a moderate resolution. See "Resolution and scanning area" in the Scanner Reference. When an Error Message is Displayed This section describes error messages that appear on the operation panel of the scanner.

IS330DC Ricoh ADF (Simplex and Duplex)

Messages are divided into scan setting errors, hardware errors, and network delivery scanner errors. Note If an error message that is not contained in this section appears, turn off the power switch of the scanner, and then turn it on again. If the message still is shown, note the content is330dc twain the message and the error number and contact your service representative. Reference If an error message appears on the client computer from which scanning is to be controlled, see the Scanner Reference. Check whether original is placed, and select the proper size. Cause, Remedy, Reference The original is not on the platen glass, or it is placed, but the scan size cannot be automatically detected.

Ricoh IS330DC Scanner SCSI/1394 TWAIN Driver

If the original is not there, place it on the platen glass. Sorry for my late answer Any more info required please ask, and thanks. Share Flag. But I first wanted to try if I could is330dc twain the S running with this old but reliable is330dc twain up: Software Release Notifications Important Notice: For Windows Server /R2 users · For Twain driver users in Mac OS X ISDC. Sign up: Software Release Notifications · Important Notice Important. Your OS.

Please choose your OS. ISDC.

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