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Use the AC adapter wherever AC wall outlet is available. This will ensure uninterrupted computing. Store the battery pack e10is2 room temperature.

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Higher temperature tends to deplete the batterys power faster. Make good use of the power management function. Save To Disk Hibernate saves the most energy by storing current e10is2 contents in a hard disk space reserved for this function. The life expectancy of the battery is approximately recharges. See the notices section in the beginning of the user manual on how to care for the battery pack.

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To achieve optimal battery performance, you may need to do a battery calibration at a 3-month interval. To do this: Fully charge the battery. Then discharge the battery by entering the BIOS setup screen. Press DEL key as soon as you turn on the computer. And let it remain at the setup screen until the battery runs out. Fully charge the battery again. In the power configuration dialogue box, you may enter time-out values for display and hard disk drive. Operating System power manager saves power by turning off hard drive after 1 minute of e10is2, for example.


Also consult Operating System user guide for e10is2 information e10is2 how to use Operating System power management functions. Actual dialogue box shown above may appear slightly different.

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Suspend Mode Standby Suspend The system automatically enters this mode after a period of inactivity, which is set e10is2 the Power Schemes dialog box. In Standby mode, hardware e10is2, such as display panel and hard disk, are turned off to conserve energy.

Hibernate Suspend In this mode, all system data are saved in the hard disk before powering down. Try not to slam the display upon closing it. Try not to place any object on top when it is closed or open. Be sure the system is turned off or in suspend mode before you close the display panel. With the LCD screen open, e10is2 will see several features important for operating your Intel-powered clamshell classmate PC. Camera Use this camera for any video conferencing application. LCD Display The panel is where the system content is displayed.

Press and hold for at least 4 seconds to turn off the e10is2. When a e10is2 function is enabled, a LED will light up. The following section describes the indication.

Blue light indicates the HDD is being e10is2. Blue light indicates the system is ON.

The battery E10is2 reflects according to the following status: No light indicates that the e10is2 pack is not installed in your system. Orange light indicates the battery is being charged.

E10IS2 User Manual English

Blinking Orange light indicates the battery power is low. Green light indicates the battery is full and the AC Adapter is plugged in. When e10is2 LED reflects this status: green light off orange light off green light, this e10is2 the batterys temperature is too high.


Keyboard The keyboard is used to enter data. Touch Pad The touch pad is a built-in pointing device with functions similar to a mouse. The touchpad is also equipped with a scroll bar so you can move around in a large document. It is often used to show e10is2 amounts of data that could not fit on the viewport all at the same time. Touchpad Buttons Works like the two buttons on an ordinary mouse.

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Be careful. Front View 1. Blue light indicates the numeric keypad is activated. Blue light indicates the cap-lock is activated.Download the latest drivers for your Algorithm E10IS2 to keep your Computer up- to-date. Drivers for Aquarius MP E10is2 E10IS2 based on Intel Corporation Intel powered classmate PC MP PV.

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