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Dedicated main cable with specified connector Universal model: Via versatile Internet and our powerful GIS Global Internet Fuzzyscan fbc-3660 system, technical supports in the following can be done with the cost of one local phone call. Click the Hold - Table Manager function key.

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  • Product Information: EX-Demo Cino FBC barcode scanner - PS2 keyboard wedge
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The Table Manager window opens showing your default area. Click the table that you want to hold the transaction against. If you fuzzyscan fbc-3660 have a transaction held against this table you will receive a message. You can click OK to hold another transaction or click Cancel to allow you to retrieve the currently held transaction and add to it. The transaction is held against that table and Table Manager closes. Working with Table Manager Retrieving a transaction If you want to use Table Manager to retrieve transactions you must set up a Retrieve - Table Fuzzyscan fbc-3660 function key.

To retrieve a transaction using Table Manager: 1. Click Retrieve - Table Manager fuzzyscan fbc-3660 key. Click the table with the held transaction. You can switch to any area before selecting the table, fuzzyscan fbc-3660 Switch Area.

If that table has one held transaction, the transaction opens. If that table has fuzzyscan fbc-3660 than one held transaction, the transaction list opens listing the held transactions for that table.

Product Information: EX-Demo Cino FBC barcode scanner - PS2 keyboard wedge

You can only make reservations when POS is not in a transaction. To find a table that is free at a certain time for a fuzzyscan fbc-3660 reservation, click View All Reservations in Table Manager.

Once you know which table to reserve, click the table in Table Manager, then click Make a Reservation. Here you can set up the reservation details, with a Notes field for any special requests. When guests that have a reservation arrive, open the Reservation List and sort it by name by clicking on the Name column heading, to see which table has been reserved for them. When fuzzyscan fbc-3660 enable reservations in POS Administrator, you can set the period before a set reservation time that the table shows as reserved, e.

You can also set the time that you want fuzzyscan fbc-3660 extend the reservation for if a customer is late and you receive an alert. If a table has a current reservation then the reservation is deleted, the tables status will revert to Free. The table becomes free for others to set reservations or hold orders against it.

Fbc-3000 series

It is held for another extended number of minutes. You can fuzzyscan fbc-3660 this time in POS Administrator. Table not available at specified time When you are setting a reservation within the pre-reservation fuzzyscan fbc-3660 of a reservation already on that table, you receive an alert telling you to choose another table or time.


Viewing, editing or deleting reservations Using Table Manager you can view, edit or delete reservations on any table for any particular day. You can only view, edit or delete reservations when POS is not in a transaction. To fuzzyscan fbc-3660, in Table Manager click a table to open the Table Status window. If you make any changes to your Table Manager layout, it is recommended that fuzzyscan fbc-3660 back it up.


Fuzzyscan fbc-3660 file. When you restore a layout from the selected file it overwrites the current Table Manager area layout on all Terminals. You need to make sure that no other users are currently in Table Manager or the Table Manager Designer window. After you have restored the layout the status of all tables will be Free and future reservations for tables that no longer exist will be removed from the database. Point of Sale is widely used in the catering industry, which relies heavily on appointments and bookings. Appointment Manager allows you to make bookings, appointments, or even table reservations for your customers.

Latpos interneta veikals

When you enable Appointment manager you can then enable the advanced features. To enable Appointment Manager fuzzyscan fbc-3660 must have the correct permissions. To enable appointment manager: 1. Click the Appointment Manager tab.

FBC Series

Click to select Enable Appointment Manager. Optional Enabling Appointment Manager to integrate with Table Manager You have the option to enable the integration between Appointment Manager and Table Manager if you want to make reservations for tables that you already set up in your Table Manager. To enable the integration between appointment manager and table manager: 1. When you enable integration you will see a message telling you that you fuzzyscan fbc-3660 not be able to view your appointments, instead Appointment Manager will show table reservations. Keep track of your inventory and stop inventory shinkage.

Ordering Information Model No. Appendix - Kalisch Computer.


Via versatile Internet and our powerful Fuzzyscan fbc-3660 Global Internet Support system, technical supports in the following can be done with the cost of one local phone call.FuzzyScan F The Rugged, Compact and FuzzyScan FBC Extended Range 6cm Bar Code Scanner. FuzzyScan FBC Extended Range 8cm. FuzzyScan family has been implemented with flash memory for The all new FuzzyScan Fuzzyscan fbc-3660 series. CCD bar code reader FBC/ (Gold).

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