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SDConcepts, Thanks for your suggestion about the G From your post, I gecko g201 stepper it that you are in favor of servo motor systems over steppers. The X is the new replacement design for the At this point you would not be able to buy a new.


You are correct that the Gecko g201 stepper does not have all the safety features of the V. If your motors fall within the drive capabilities of the V then that drive, in my opinion would be a better choice.

argox 0s-2140dGeckodrive G201X 80V/7A Stepper Motor Driver
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dell monitor e197fp
laserjet cm1312mfp
pioneer bdr-206dbk

The X might drive a higher inductance motor though. I like the layout of the until i noticed that there was no way to tune the motors when using the V.


But the X has the adjustment on the back of the drive, instead of the top. Just wondering The tuning screw is opposite of the pin header.


Depending if you mount the BOB gecko g201 stepper or horizontal, tuning that drive might not be a big issue. If you mounted it close to the edge of the case, you might be able to register a pin gecko g201 stepper with dust grommet for each drive so you could tune with the enclosure door shut and "hands away from power". Just thinking! Are you planning for next year already or a summer project?

Gecko Drive

No real plans yet. Just thinking. Also thinking of maybe doing my thesis on multiple-axis machines and control, and maybe incorporating servos or steppers into that. Mainly just spinning gears Are the new V drives what we should be ordering? Better for direct drive machines? Gecko's info is not clear why you should use these. Thanks Pablo, Still don't know what the benefits of micro stepping are though? Gecko g201 stepper helps keep the motor motion smooth at lower speeds, and thus produces more useful torque. Think about riding a bicycle using one leg instead of two, or running an engine on fewer cylinders than designed - there is a cogging effect.

Gecko g201 stepper smooths this, but it requires more pulses like 8x or 10x or 16xand thus you need a faster pulse train for the same motor speed. Unless noted, all GVs will be shipped out with the standard firmware.

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Oh, those things were mentioned on their yahoo forum a couple of days ago. We, together with most of their customers, would use the "Standard" version for Mach3. Piece of cake. Marcus changed 6 lines in Verilog, used up 2 macrocells and after a gecko g201 stepper of work delivered the interface. Not one hardware part had to be changed on the target GV. Another time a big laboratory need standby current to go to zero because the gecko g201 stepper operated in a vacuum chamber.

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Vacuum is not world famous for effective heat dissipation. Again, a couple of lines in Verilog was changed and presto, zero current during standby.

Furthermore, the windings were shorted during standby to make the gecko g201 stepper resistant to being back-driven. I have 0 experience with drivers so I may ask a dumb question. Please point them out to me so I learn. I have read that this was built around the v design but from what I can tell, it is missing the Short-circuit, Reversed-polarity, Over-temperature, Over-voltage protections of the v. Is this the killer? The X is the new replacement design for the At this point you would not be able to buy a new. You are correct that the X does not have all the safety features of the V.Geckodrive's G Legacy drive is available for gecko g201 stepper applications and replacements. To find G Stepper Drive Geckodrive made in usa circular stamp. PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE USING THE G Before beginning, be sure to have a suitable step motor, a DC power supply suitable for the.

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