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Dongles are obtained macrovision flexid dongle through Macrovision; dongles obtained directly from the manufacturer will not function as FLEXnet Licensing hostids. These devices are available only through Macrovision. Parallel-based iKey authentication token. Installation Instructions This section provides general installation instructions for each platform for which FLEXid hostids are supported.

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canon d420FlexNet Embedded

Ship similar instructions to macrovision flexid dongle end user. You may wish to tailor them to your particular needs. The installers are available in the platform folder of the FLEXnet Licensing toolkit or from the Macrovision product download site. This is acceptable as long as lmgrd and agileesofd are in the same folder when you start FLEXnet. If agileesofd is not in the same folder as lmgrdyou must specify a path to it using the following syntax. If client systems connect to a license server through an Internet firewall set up on a Windows PC, you must also specify the port number the vendor daemon uses.

If the port is not specified, the default is chosen by the operating system at run time. If this port number is specified, there may be a delay restarting the vendor daemon until all clients have closed their connections to the daemon. Some clients may timeout before they can connect to a macrovision flexid dongle server through a firewall.

The default timeout period is 0. Enter the value using microseconds. Agilent EEsof recommends trying one second.


Ship similar instructions to your end user. You may wish to tailor them to your particular needs. The installers are macrovision flexid dongle in the platform folder of the FLEXnet Licensing toolkit or from the Macrovision product download site. It supports the following modes of operation:. The use of this sub-option triggers the installer to operate in quiet macrovision flexid dongle.

FLEXnet Licensing Error Codes

In quiet mode, all GUI screens are displayed in sequence as in full interactive mode, but are automatically macrovision flexid dongle to by the installer. Forces the installer to attempt to overlay an existing installation of the specified driver with the same or greater version. You macrovision flexid dongle find out more available about license types here. The most common reason is the drivers were not installed correctly by the Windows Operating System. Possible reasons could be that there are securities preventing the installation of the hardware drivers, user does not have full rights or the key is not recognized because it is plugged into a USB port that does not properly respond.

Do not connect the dongle to the computer before you macrovision flexid dongle installed the appropriate dongle driver to avoid that the operating system e. For the Windows OS, follow the steps below to resolve this problem.

License server system message checksum failure. Cannot read license file data from license server system.

Attempt to read beyond end of license file path. Bad version number must be floating-point number with no letters.


There will be no replacement for a Dongle Key that has been lost, stolen, etc. How it works: Very Important!! Macrovision flexid dongle will just install the plain driver. A detailed overview on the use of cookies and other website information is located in our Privacy Policy.


Provide efficient in-product and volume license activation support. Extended licenses locked to a specific verion and machine are available but these may not be upgraded or transferred to new platforms. Aswin: Thanks a lot for your reply.If your Active-HDL, Riviera-PRO, ALINT, HES/DVM or Netlist Converter license is issued for a USB FLEXid keylock or macrovision flexid dongle (license file contains reference to. Macrovision flexid dongle FlexID dongle is a USB device which when attach will provide a Flex ID which can be used for licensing products.

The FlexID dongle may be moved from.

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