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So while the new RocketBladez Rocketballz vs burner 2.0 irons have been designed for better players, they still offer plenty of fizz off the face. Distance comes from the Speed Pocket in the The RocketBladez irons have a large cavity behind their stainless steel faces that lowers the centre of gravity and pulls it further away from the face, which is said to make them more forgiving and higher-flying.


Post a Comment. Originally Posted by ddxu. Originally Posted by TMElectric. I will tell you the aspect I will be looking the hardest at in the G20s is the forgiveness on toe misses.


All my misses are out on the rocketballz vs burner 2.0 side of the B2s and the shots still fly pretty far. Yeah but I'm not sure what dot type I would need and most of the pro shops around my area don't have those.

Rocketballz vs burner 2.0 also looks better. Your email address will not be published. I just want an iron that can give me consistent shots cause I'm playing some old crappy Wilson blades right now that are not the easiest to hit. Money is not really an issue but if there are only slight differences between the three, I would rather take the cheapest. Thanks for any responses!

Taylormade CB vs Burner ?

rocketballz vs burner 2.0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Oh and I'm open to any other clubs that fit the cheap GI iron description. If you interested in a used set, PM me. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. Posted August 18, It will be about a week until I receive my clubs, so I'll report back after playing a round with them. I was tempted by the CB and MC and my fitter was trying to push me in that direction, but in the end I decided that the extra forgiveness of the 2. Basically, when I make those less than perfect swings, the results with the Burners are less costly.

As it happens, I also prefer the feel sound of the 2.

I tried the burner 2. Want to hide this ad?

Register for free today! I don't know the exact difference between them but I'd recommend trying both and seeing which ones you like better. The RBZ ones will have a better resale value if you ever decide to sell them so if they are close to the same price that might be the better option assuming you like both sets equally. I think the regular RBZ irons, as opposed to the Max, look very good at address. I'd go for the newest irons, if about the same price, and the latest technology. I have bought from GPP golf twice and both were great experiences. I wouldn't worry about buying from them at all, they are legit.

Have death with GPP on several occasions rocketballz vs burner 2.0 they've always come through and they are a legitimate retailer in S. Feb 28, 4. I think the RBZ 4 iron is too clunky compared to the 2. This is the main reason I went burner.

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Feb 28, 5. Feb 28, 6.

Burner 2.0 or rbz irons?

I believe the burner is I just got the 3 iron and hit it once at the range. For example, because weight has been moved downward, outward and rearward on the long irons, these clubs - which are rocketballz vs burner 2.0 the hardest of all irons to hit - now make it easier to get the ball in the rocketballz vs burner 2.0. Moreover, the If you are looking for a set of irons to produce a high ball flight and extreme distance, these RocketBallz Irons are just for you. Jeremy June 6, at AM Reply.

TaylorMade RocketBallz Irons VS. Burner 2.0 Irons

Craig June 11, at AM Reply. I too do not swing that fast so I got regular shafts.

I totally still live these clubs.Taylormade is one of the world's biggest golf equipment companies right now. It is actually a subsidiary company of rocketballz vs burner 2.0 Adidas Group, and is. Hi all, I am new to the site but have already learned a lot.

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